8 Blockhead Digital Marketing Mistakes You Should Dodge in 2017


Do you think digital marketing is an expense for your company? It is in fact the most creative area that can help your company generate more leads. There are various marketing ways you can use and climb the ladder of success. But instead of doing that, you take less or no interest in marketing. That is where you prone to make silly marketing mistakes that narrow down your company’s online visibility.

Here are 10 silly digital marketing mistakes which you can avoid and help your company visible online

#1 Avoiding promoting yourself: It has been noticed that many companies avoid promoting their own brands and products. They think they are renowned so there isn’t any need to promote their products often. This is where they are committing a big mistake.

If you won’t tell people about your company and products how will they come to know? Not promoting your company is declining company’s growth graph and you are incurring tremendous loss. Even if you hire one of the top 10 digital marketing agencies, it will advise you the same tactic to increase your company’s visibility across the web.

#2 No Blog Section In the Website: If you would have heard this phrase, “Content is the King”, you would have never committed this mistake. Blogging is the heart of digital marketing. It helps you in SEO and increase traction of your site. You can write blogs on topics relevant to your company & products and promote it on social media forums using popular hashtags to increase the reachability.

Hashtags help you reach to large number of users. Using this approach you not only connect with the new users but also increase the followers/subscribers of your blog.

#3 Avoiding SEO: You may be aware of SEO, right? SEO is employed in most of the companies in order to push the company’s rank on the first page of the Google search access. It helps you optimize your website by using various SEO strategies and techniques.

One of the tactic is using competitive keywords and keyphrases in the blog.

For instance; development companies use keywords like top software development companies, top software developer and so on to increase the blog’s visibility and promote company’s services.

Second is internal linking and backlinking. Both these techniques help in boosting the blog or website’s pagerank. SEO professionals use this technique immensely with proper planning and strategy.

These are a couple of benefits described above but there are numerous benefits that compel companies to use SEO to improve company’s ranking.

#4 Avoiding Email Marketing: Email is the best way to connect and reach out to a large community of people. Business professionals consider emails at the top. Therefore, it is a good idea to share your thoughts, blogs, business idea through emails and let others know. You may not know who is interested and want to associate with you.

#5 Avoiding Comments on Other Blogs: It is one of the best practices to pen intriguing comments on the other websites. But most of the companies avoid this approach due to lack of time.

Writing comments on others blog help you increase your website’s user engagement. It eventually boosts your visibility. If not a pretty long working hours, you can spend at least few minutes. It’s is also good from SEO perspective. And, you don’t need to invest money while using such marketing tactics.

#6 Ignoring Social Media Forums: Do you know that there are 65 million business pages on Facebook? This is an updated number according to DMR- Digital Statistics and Gadgets.

Companies use Facebook to an extreme in order to increase the number of followers, likes, shares and comments. This helps you in spreading a word about your company and services. You will get a post published in every second.  Companies posts videos, images, blogs, snippets, memes that cite users’ attention.

There is a specific time when users remain active, therefore, posting during those hours proves to be effective for your company.

#7 Neglecting Message Boards: Quora is the popular Q+A platform where you will find millions of users active. This is one of the ways to promote your company and services.

Quora lists hundreds of questions per category including tech, medical, healthcare, accounting, etc.

For instance; You are an experienced software developer in a company and there is question relevant to your area of interest. Answering that question representing your company can be fruitful. Out of 10 readers at least 2 may be interested in the technology you are expert at. And, who knows you may get projects from this popular message board.

#8 Avoiding Creation Of Youtube Channel: Videos are trending in digital marketing. There are many who don’t like to read but visuals definitely entice them. Youtube is a popular video channel wherein companies can publish videos related to their product and services and spread a word.

Yes, creating video needs time and investment of money both but this is a useful marketing strategy. It’s a kind of storytelling, therefore, you need to stitch each frame and each image beautifully to cite users’ attention.

Wrapping Up

It is a myth that digital marketing is hard and expensive. It is one of the most creative areas if you understand how beneficial it is. Hope you found this article useful! Drop in your comments or like, if you really find it intriguing.



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